Sophie's Juniors Collection for Mazu!

It was our Creative Director Kara's mission to provide a supportive platform to empower a young aspiring female designer. Here at Mazu we pride ourselves on inclusivity and creating swimwear for every type of Woman. It had us thinking about what it would look like if we created a swimwear line for young girls. This is when we had 13 year old Sophie come in and help us visualize what a Mazu juniors line would look like!

Mazu has always been dedicated to creating products that make every woman feel confident and comfortable. And we believe young girls should feel the exact same way when they put on a swimsuit! The current trends right now do not offer a ton of variety for young girls to choose from. So, we wanted to find out what type of swimwear young girls are looking for. And who better to ask than Sophie? A 13 year old girl with an eye for fashion!  

Our team thought it would be fun to have Sophie create her very own teen collection of swimwear. We asked her to create something that she thinks girls her age would love, while staying true to Mazu values. She wanted her collection to have a variety of options so that every girl can find something they love!

And only after a few meetings with our team she created and designed "Sophies Garden party Collection for Teens". We think she completely nailed it! 

Sophie started the design process by interviewing young girls of all different shapes, sizes, and personal style. She spoke with girls ages 12-13, and they talked about the things they liked and didn't like in swimsuits.

Sophie: "Most girls that I spoke with said they shop for swimsuits at popular stores like Shein, Amazon, and Hollister. Some girls mentioned that they are looking for swimsuits with adjustability. Like a stretchy waistband or adjustable straps. Many girls said they didn't like swimsuits with cheeky bikini bottoms. They like a more full coverage bottom. And they also wish that there wasn't the same pattern repeated over and over again. One girl said she sees too many swimsuits with the same colors and prints." 

Sophie compiled all her research together and truly incorporated all of the girls' preferences into her collection! She made sure to create something inclusive and give a range of 3 different styles so that all girls can find a swimsuit they love!

Drumroll please.... Introducing Sophie's Garden Party Collection for Mazu Apparel!

Sophie- "Many of the girls liked retro style bikinis with high waisted or full coverage bottoms and a tie-able halter top so it can be adjusted."

We think this bikini is so stylish and perfect because it's a trendy 2 piece, and you still get plenty of coverage!

It's a modern take on a retro styled silhouette. It offers just the right amount of coverage. And it's a great suit for any kind of swimming activities or water sports!

Sophie- "The majority of the girls said they like one piece suits with an adjustable halter strap. Both show the sweetheart neckline that most girls said they liked in the one piece and bikini.

This is not your traditional Tankini. That's why we love it! The girls seem to love that halter style top! So it's only right to add that halter style to a tankini. This tankini gives the perfect 2 piece look, but it's a super comfortable style to wear to any occasion. Perfect around family and friends.

Sophie- "Most girls were not interested in a regular tankini. So I took the things they said about bikinis and one piece and came up with this Halter top tankini".

Sophie has been such an inspiration to our Mazu team. She provided a fresh eye & new perspective! We had so much fun collaborating on a Mazu Junior's Collection together!!!