Mother's Day Notes

Blog by Kara Palmeri, Mazu's Creative Director & Owner!
Hi Mazu Moms! I remember as a child-my Dad, grandparents, everyone always saying on Mother's Day - "Just make your Mom a card...write your Mom a note.....your Mom would just appreciate you drawing a picture..."
Now that I'm a mother, I can totally and fully understand this sentiment. There's nothing more that I love than receiving my boys' personal thoughts and words written down on a piece of paper, card and/or sticky note!  I keep some with me always in my pocketbook and wallet, so their energy and love are always with me.  I wanted to share some of my "notes" with you, and I hope you all receive a myriad of notes from your loved ones - because you all deserve an endless abundance of kindness and love as a reminder of all that you do to "keep the family up and running...." (as written in one of my notes!)
Just some context! My maiden name is Dugan, and I've been affectionately nicknamed "Doogie" for the better part of my life which, of course, my kids get a huge kick out of!
This is a sticky note from my son when I went to teacher conferences and he knew I would sit at his desk and "inspect it" for neatness!  I also write my boys lunch notes - and he had saved them all in his desk... Apple doesn't fall far!
And here we are!
Send us pics of your Mothers Day notes - would love to see them and hear about all our Mazu Moms!
Happy happy Mothers Day to you all!
EmojiXO Kara