DON'T SETTLE - on how you feel in a suit.

At Mazu Swim, we truly believe that you should feel the same in your bathing suit as you do in your best Power-Suit. (Or, if you're Wonder Woman... your SUPER suit.)

OK- SO, obviously it is much easier for most of us to rock a power suit than it is for us to rock a swimsuit. Wearing a swimsuit means revealing much more skin, and often forcing our insecurities into something tight and unforgiving. (The harsh effect of direct sunlight doesn't help either...)

That's why we know it's important to design suits with your COMFORT & CONFIDENCE in mind. We know your problem areas, (because we have them too...) and we KNOW how to deal with them.

How? - you ask?

Dedication to strategic CONSTRUCTION & FIT. Of the interior AND exterior. Plus a few designer tricks:

-power mesh interior panels - to hold you in tight (comfortably)
-perfectly placed exterior ruching - to smooth out unwanted bumps & bulges
-contouring side panel placement - to highlight your hourglass
-slimming mesh ruffles - that DON'T widen your midriff
-ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS - significant interior bra support
-thick adjustable straps - for custom fit


Do yourself a favor.

Next time you are shopping for a swimsuit, remember Mazu told you - "DON'T SETTLE," for anything less than SUPER!