Design A Line #2HourEmpower

Something we're very proud of at Mazu is our attention to our customers. We put a lot of care into customer service and are always looking to improve our product to best fit customer desire. Essentially, we want to make what you want to wear and we want to make it well. We figured, what better way to hear the voice of our customers than to invite them into our office and talk to them?


Yep! We did it. We wanted feedback and opinions before we put the finishing touches on our 2018 line so we started searching for guests. We wanted women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds to diversify the responses but most importantly, we wanted honest women who would not sugarcoat any feedback to spare our feelings.


Two weeks ago, we were honored to play host to five intelligent and opinionated people at our Design A Line #2HourEmpower event. We began by asking questions about each individual's swimsuit preferences to get a gauge on the group. After getting a consensus that mostly everyone tends to stick with black or navy in their suits and own only a few swim pieces that make them feel GREAT, we presented our entire 2018 line to the group. We encouraged questions, asked our own, and asked each woman to follow along in her own mini line list to rank and comment on each print.


We were so lucky to have gotten a group together that understood the value in their honest opinion rather than beating around the bush. We were told to change prints, silhouettes, and colors and got very positive reactions on pieces we had previously been unsure of. Not only did we receive amazing suggestions, we also began a conversation about the general wrongdoings of the swimsuit industry and we able to share in our frustrations together. At Mazu, we want to use the position we're in to make progressive changes in an industry that is notoriously exclusive.


After our Design A Line event, we feel more empowered than ever to take advantage of our ability to help women feel like their best selves. We feel very fortunate to have been able to connect with consumers in such an honest and open environment and are already so excited to plan the next event!