Introducing Mazu 2017 - Seychelles Collection!




We are so excited here at Mazu HQ to present you our 2017 Seychelles Collection!  This line was inspired by the cosmopolitan country, made up of a 115 sprawling, lush islands. The Seychelles boast brilliant blue seas and skies contrasted by velvet, white sand beaches.  Seychelles offers the perfect inflection of vibrant colors, particularly jade and coral, evident throughout the Seycehlles culture, art and landscape. 


You’ll notice these fantastic hues of coral and jade recurring throughout our line—infused in our intricate, custom, designer prints.  Tropics, tribal, florals, geos and skins are still essential to current trends, and our design team labored over each of these to infuse these Seychelles inspired colors. We were able to create truly unique, detailed, one-of-a-kind designs. 


Of course, we still pay homage to the classic dots, stripes and solids by once again carefully selecting the ideal color for each suit. We put as much thought into our solids as we do our most complex prints.  We updated these for this season by incorporating embellishments throughout, including beading, studs, whip and shell stitching, laser cuts, scalloped necklines, strappy back construction and flocking.  All of which add a unique and intricate visual interest to elevate your style. 


We’re so proud to bring you our Seychelles Collection 2017- please let us know what you think (email us at we will always respond and love our customer feedback!


XO –

The Mazu Team

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