One of the cornerstones of Mazu Swim is the inclusivity of all women. No matter what age, shape, or size, this message has always been who we are. We've been part of the body confident movement since its inception, and are proud to be dedicated to representing women of every kind.



We have found a void in the swimwear market, where design decisions were being made from a corporate standpoint rather than an authentic "female perspective." At Mazu Swim, our all-women team gathers for regular design meetings—which are aptly named "By Women For Women"—where we make design decisions based on women's needs, not on how best to cut costs.




"By Women For Women" extends beyond our own personal design team and opinions here at Mazu. Back in August, we invited a focus group of real women to come into Mazu headquarters to discuss our 2018 swim line. We had them exclusively preview our newest line, months before it was ready to launch. We were eager for their honest opinions on our prints, design, construction, and style. We know that holding a microphone to the real women out there is the best way to know how to serve themand we continue to take all our customer feedback just as seriously. Improvement and innovation, by women and for women, are always on our radar. 


Buying a swimsuit is such a personal process… much different than—let's say, buying a t-shirt. We know that ultimately, if we take the time to create beautiful prints, and to think out well-designed silhouettes for every BODY, our brand and swimsuits will resonate with ALL women. While I may be oversimplifying our very intense design process, (we can talk about strap lengths and print recoloring for hours - just to name a few…) I do think Mazu Swim's roots are predicated on this very important principle:  "By Women, For Women." 


We are proud to feel a part of this historic female movement that has empowered women everywhere.