A Personal Note from our Founder

This past year has truly been a real doozer for all of us on so many levels. I'm sincerely hoping you and your families are healthy and welI - and are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  

I truly applaud all of us who suddenly were thrown in to the thrust of things through the pandemic and overnight became your children's teacher, short order cook, laundress etc - and all the while trying to maintain a job and most importantly keep everyone safe. 

We as women, mothers, sisters, daughters have an innate resilience and fortitude  that kicks in especially when times are challenging.  I hope you all give your self a huge pat on the back and know we all have been in this together!  

While personally I'm still teaching 3rd and 4th grades to my fully remote kiddos - preparing 14 meals a day (I cannot believe how much food an 8 and 9 year old consumes)... And doing laundry non stop - I'm happy to say we also have been working our tails off here at Mazu Apparel in order to get our 2021 Swim line designed and delivered through this crazy time!  

I'm thrilled that Mazu Swim 2021 is almost here and it's stunning!  My team and I created our signature confident silhouettes designed in our exclusive prints. 

Be on the look at for our gorgeous Garden Floral print that is so amazing - we produced it in 4 color ways!  

We have our beautiful Watercolor Palm, Bamboo and Floral Paisley prints that are stunners!  

Our Painted Peonies and Silhouette Floral prints are so delicate and just simply so very pretty!  

And of course we always have our trending Tie Dye that this year we created in a beautiful scallop pattern - it will certainly be a best seller!  

We're excited to bring our all new 2021 Line to you soon - stay tuned for our official announcement!

Now who's ready for a VACATION???!!!! 
Be well and sending you all healthy vibes and lots of love!